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What are Uncle Figgy’s Guides?
In April of 1998, I finished work on a book of the collected experience of 17 years of roleplaying and 12 years of gamemastering (as of 1998, that is. I’ve been gaming since 1982 so you do the math. Man,it’s enough to make a person feel old. NOT!). This book, Uncle Figgy’s Guide to Good GameMastering, went online shortly thereafter. The response was overwhelming — with the book receiving an average of about 600 readers per month.
Uncle Figgy’s Guides are not rules to live (or play) by. Neither are they a statement of “my way is right and your way is wrong”. Basically, Uncle Figgy’s Guides are a reflection of the way I like to play, and they are all those things I have learned (mostly by analyzing the mistakes of others) that have helped me achieve the level of play that I enjoy (a very light, cinematic style). Just like anything else in the gaming world, feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

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Check out the following Web sites for Uncle Figgy’s Guides in other languages! Please note that Uncle Figgy only speaks English and is incapable of making (or understanding) translations of his works. All translations are done by a third party and I cannot be responsible for errors in translation. Also, I am unable to answer questions sent to Ask Uncle Figgy in any languages other than English.


  • Roleplayer.Org — “Uncle Figgy’s Guide to Good GameMastering” and “Uncle Figgy’s Guide to Good RolePlaying.”



  • www.rpg.com.br — “Uncle Figgy’s Guide to Roleplaying for NonRoleplayers.”

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  1. I don’t know who Uncle Figgy is, but his guides have been my main bibles for mastering any RPG play since college (circa 2005).
    Thanks for such a wonderful compendium of work

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